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"JET" Spółka z o.o.
ul. Bliska 18
43-430 Skoczów

Tel: +48 33 8532418
        +48 33 8531848

O Firmie

Zinc Coating Plant "JET" is a private company, having long-time experience of dip zinc coating. We operate on the market since 1984, applying modern technologies in the process of dip zinc coating. Serving over 70 consumers in Poland and overseas, our experience allows us to provide diverse services for every need. The size of our zink melting-pot allows for quick change of bath parameters, thus we can easily meet the customers' requirements in zinc coating.


Our service comply with European Standards PN-EN ISO. Certificate of accordance with standards on request. At this moment we are under implementing ISO 9001 quality management. Membership in "Polish Galvanizing Society" is guarantee of high quality our service.

Our values are:

  • Fast service
  • Precision
  • Fixed time
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