Sprzedaż elementów złącznych

We began selling fasteners galvanized by thermal diffusion, such as: fully threaded machine bolts of any length, nuts and washers of M6 size and larger.

We are ready to accept orders on any kind of bolts.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


Cynkowanie ogniowe

We offer services of hot dip zinc coating, which is the best technique against steel corrosion. Zinc coated elements do not corrode for approximately 50 years while paint coating lasts maximum 10 years.

Because of small dimensions of our melting-pot (1x1x1,5m) our bath parameters are designed for elements needing extraordinary processing, such as:

  • elements with small holes, small cross sections
  • bolts from 6mm cross sections
  • chains
  • movable elements
  • cast iron
  • other small elements

For different needs we perform dip zinc coating using 4 different techniques: immersion, centrifuge, continuing, turning.

Cynkowanie dyfuzyjne

Hot Galvanizing Thermo-Diffusion Process per EN 13811:2003 for small to medium size steel and iron parts, carried out in closed barrels with special zinc powder, conforms to ASTM B633, ASTM B695, Israel Standard I.S.4271.


  • Bolts and nuts with no requirement for excess zinc spinning removal
  • Washers, nails
  • Anchors, chains, hooks
  • Clamps and fasteners
  • Railway Electrical Pillars Accessories
  • Precision Laser cut plates
  • Tubes


  • High corrosion resistance - Up to 1000 hours in a salt mist chamber, excellent for marine applications.
  • Environmental friendly - Dry process, chromate free, and does not contain toxic elements and fully ecologically clean.
  • No pretreatment required - oily, greasy and 40% rusty surfaces can be coated with no pre-treatment.
  • Working temperature - 450oC
  • Passivation - provides excellent free-air conservation, with non-toxic materials.
  • Strong adhesive coating - no peeling or cracking.
  • High abrasion resistance - micro-hardness up to 1636 HV, prevents nut seizure in stainless steel bolts.
  • Uniform coating - even on tubes and internal surfaces.
  • Thickness of coating - 15-120µ, 50% under surface and 50% over surface layer.
  • No Zinc buildup - no grinding of excess zinc.
  • Low diffusion temperature - 360-450oC
  • Steel annealing could be part of galvanizing process for extra saving.
  • Excellent base for paint or rubber bonding - no profiling, high spots removal, roughening or primer required.
  • Cost effective.

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